Abandoned Newborn Baby Survives after Getting Saved by a Stray Dog

It is sad how there are people who can easily throw away their children as if the kids are pieces of trash! What’s sadder is that it seems there are those who act worse than animals.

Take for example the parents who threw their newborn baby away, leaving it to die without even bothering to give it some clothes. The newborn baby still had its umbilical cord attached, proof that it was just born some minutes or hours before it was discovered by a stray dog.

Photo credit: Willie Revillame Show / Facebook

Seeing the crying baby in the trash bin, the dog carefully picked the child with its mouth but made sure the bite was gentle enough that it didn’t sink its teeth into the baby’s flesh.

Thankfully, people saw the dog carrying the baby in its mouth and took the baby to the hospital. These collective actions have saved the baby’s life. Today, the baby is alive and well – and that’s thanks to the stray dog who saved it from certain death…

Photo credit: Willie Revillame Show / Facebook

So, who is more human now?

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