Admirable Kid Spoon-Feeds Old Grandma. I Wish All Kids are Like Him…

We hear a lot of negative things about kids lacking the morals and attributes of older generations – yet there have been a lot of stories to negate such unfair generalization.

Take for example this wonderful video shared by featuring a young boy who was videotaped while spoon-feeding an old woman, quite possibly his own grandma.

In the clip, it was clear that the old woman would surely have trouble holding the spoon and feeding herself since her arms and hands were constantly shaking. Thankfully, this young boy did not mind feeding the old lady – and he would even lovingly wipe out excess food from the corners of her mouth without complaints.

This young lad is truly admirable! It is my wish that all kids will be just like him. When that happens, the world would surely become a much better place…

Life is a message: Pass it on

Life is a message: Pass it onThx to the sender

Posted by Sonakar.Com on Wednesday, January 20, 2016