Adorable Baby Copying Model Uncle’s Poses Takes the Internet By Storm

Your Facebook newsfeed is probably made up of 75% baby photos, 10% pet photos, 10% food photos and 5% miscellaneous posts. While it’s probably fun to scroll through and hit the ‘like’ button on countless images, having something to break up the monotony would be quite nice.

Though that wasn’t the aim of a mother’s photo project, we’re pretty sure it’s achieved just that.

One mother’s question “Who wore it better?” in a hilarious Instagram project that compares her photogenic toddler with his model uncle’s poses takes the internet by storm and everyone loves it.

Thirty four-year old mother, Katina Behm, is a speech and language pathologist in West Fargo, N.D., and also a mother of three: 18-month-old fraternal twins Augie and Delphie and a 12-year-old stepson.

It all started one day in December, when Katina was trying to fasten the buttons of Augie’s red-plaid shirt when she realized that he looked a lot like his uncle Aristotle Polites in one of his professional modeling shots.

Katina said, “I dug around (on Instagram) a little bit and found Aris in a plaid button up, unbuttoned with his chest exposed. I took a screenshot and did a side-by-side (photo). I sent it to family with the note ‘Who wore it better?” 

Her family’s reaction was priceless so she couldn’t help herself but post these on social media.

Here’s the photo that started it all.

After recreating some more photos and posting them, friends and family began sharing them with their coworkers, relatives and their own friends.

Photo credit: Instagram

Soon after, people urged her to make an Instagram account to see more of Augie’s adorable and funny photos. That’s when the @babyandthebody Instagram profile was born.

Photo credit: Instagram

Katina’s efforts are chronicled in a now-famous Instagram account called @babyandthebody with the hashtag #Whoworeitbetter.

Photo credit: Instagram

Even though little Augie was probably a little confused in the beginning, he’s really taken to the modeling lately. He’s so cute! 

Photo credit: Instagram

According to Katina, “When I prop him up against the wall, he smiles.

Photo credit: Instagram

Look at their resemblance!

Photo credit: Instagram

Augie isn’t shy about going the “bad boy” look, either. Look at that leather jacket! So adorable!

Photo credit: Instagram

It’s pretty obvious that these two are related — they’re both natural models! If you want to see more of their photos, you can click here.

What can you say about Augie and his adorable shots? Share with us your thoughts and comments below.