Adorable Baby Feels Jealous of Dad Kissing Mommy, Wages Kissing War Against Him

Have you noticed how, in many families, male children are more attached to their mothers while female kids like dad more? That’s happening in my family, too; and psychology has an explanation to that: the so-called Oedipus complex. Don’t worry though; as weird as the term might sound, the child’s not going crazy or anything but just growing and this is just a process of transition in his/her life.

Now, there’s this adorable video of a child caught waging a kissing war against his own dad after he caught the older guy kissing his mommy. Not to be outdone, the child quickly pulls mommy’s face and gives her a kiss. Daddy kissed mommy again – so the baby kissed her, too.

This goes on for some time, with daddy remarking they’re going to be stuck doing it all night but the child has one more trick up its sleeve…

Check this out:

Did you notice the part where he also kissed his dad? This child is so adorable, right?

Many kids do feel jealous about their parents kissing each other or their siblings but it is cute that this boy waged the kissing war with his daddy. We’re quite sure this family is a loving one; though we sure hope he can get over the jealousy he feels when he sees his father kissing his mother. It’s cute, though.