Adorable Cat Goes Viral for Trying to Save Human from ‘Drowning’ in Bathtub

An adorable cat has gone viral, earning praise from netizens after trying to save human he found ‘drowning’ in the bathtub. LOL.

The adorable feline had gone inside his human’s bathroom and discovered her in the bathtub, looking like she was drowning. Well, since the human was the one taking the video, she wasn’t actually drowning but to the cat with limited perception over what humans actually do in the bathtub, it looked like his owner needed help.

Photo credit: music download fun / YouTube

Meowing frantically, the cat tried its best to ask for help but when no one arrived, he knew he had to take action before it was too late. So, despite cats being known to be afraid of water, this one gingerly jumped to the edge of the tub, and launched a ‘rescue mission’ to save his human.

The cute feline grabbed his lady’s hand and began to pull as hard as he could, trying to get her out of the tub. It was heartwarming to see this cat try his best to save the woman even if his rescue efforts were actually futile.

Had she been really drowning, she would have drowned for real because he could not get her out of the tub! His eyes grew huge as he frantically did the rescue mission.

Photo credit: music download fun / YouTube

Netizens found the video adorable; although there were also those who bashed his mistress, saying she had put the cat under unnecessary stress because she let him think she was drowning and didn’t try to pacify him immediately.

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