Adorable Dog is Determined to Save Earthworms She Sees Stranded on Hot Asphalt

Dogs are the kindest, gentlest creatures on earth – it’s just one of their many qualities that make them so easy to love! Aside from being man’s best friend, they’ve been known to befriend all sorts of creatures, whether big or small.

Dogs can teach us an awful lot about compassion, love, and how to treat others. I guess they’re born with the instinct to love and show compassion towards others; it’s probably in their DNA – and you could witness it with this adorable dog you’re about to see in the cute video.

An Illinois woman, Caitlyn Beebe, shared a video of her dog displaying an unusual behavior — rescuing earthworms from the hot road.

Meet Holliday, the 2-year old rescue Border Collie mix that has started to rescue stranded bugs and earthworms while out on her walks. Holliday was rescued from Felines and Canines in Chicago when she was just a puppy. And it was during a visit to Caitlyn’s parents that Holliday learned there were other animals who needed rescuing, too — like distressed earthworms who’d become stranded in the hot sun after a heavy rain.

Everybody’s loving how cute and adorable Holliday is! She’s always ready to lend a helping paw to some of the world’s smallest creatures in their moments of need and Holliday’s not afraid of getting dirty doing it.

The video recorded shows Holliday gently picking up earthworms from the hot asphalt with her mouth and placing them in the grass.

Photo Credit: The Dodo

Caitlyn came up with the theory on how Holliday could have developed the behavior of helping earthworms.

“She was never taught this behavior, although when she was a puppy, my mom would take the earth worms from the road and throw them in the grass. The only way I can think that Holliday learned this behavior, is from watching my mom when we come home for the weekends. Holliday has been doing this for about a year and a half now.

“On walks, she will run around the neighborhood and look for stray earthworms and bugs to save. She will spot the worms far in advance, and run over as fast as she can to save them. Sometimes, she even tries to save the dried, **** ones.”

They are truly incredible and adorable animals, isn’t it? Dogs continue to amaze us with their generosity, kindness and their big heart. They always find new ways to surprise us and make us love them even more.

Watching the video reminds us that one should love and care for everyone, even those who are different from you.

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