Adorable Kid Starts Crying on Stage, But Keeps Dancing Better than Her Fellow Performers

It’s March, the time of the year when a lot of schools hold talent shows and presentations. Of course, not all presentations go smoothly as planned but that’s alright because such bloopers can actually make the event more fun and memorable.

In a kindergarten school somewhere in China, a little girl went viral after she kept dancing despite crying on stage. What’s cuter is that her performance was far better than her fellow performers and she was able to execute all the dance moves and sequences in order. LOL.

Photo credit: fuliy lee / YouTube

In the video, the girl could be seen crying just a few seconds into the performance. While most kids who do that would usually stop moving and just cry on the spot or run off the stage, this kiddo was born a performer.

She went on with the performance despite tears rolling down her face. One of the kids stopped dancing altogether to point out this crying dancer but the little dancer continued with the moves, turning around on cue even when the other performers had forgotten the moves.

Isn’t she cute?