Adorable Toddler Shows Love to Mom Who’s Fallen Asleep from Exhaustion

Moms are awesome – they juggle a lot of things just to make our lives more comfortable, for us to feel better, and so we can have a great life in the future.

We all love our moms; though young ones and teenagers might think the opposite. It would often be later in life, perhaps when we have kids ourselves, that we realize just how much our moms truly loved us and made sacrifices for our well-being.

In this video entitled “3 Queens”, we are taken into the homes of three awesome mothers whose kids clearly know they are loved. It shows the love of these mothers through the eyes of their children. It is adorable how the kids know they are loved.

When mommy falls asleep from exhaustion, what would her toddler do?

The reality for us, moms, may be different from the mothers in this video, especially if our kids are too active yet this does not change one thing: we all love our kids and, surely, our kids love us in return…