Adorable Video of ‘Babywearing Dads’ Dancing with Their Babies Goes Viral, Sparks Online Debate

In the past, dads’ roles in the family are often limited to providing money for food and the children’s education but a lot of things have changed these days. Moms now have jobs, too. And there are also single dads as well as stay-at-home-dads! Even working dads help at home and take care of the kids, too.

More importantly, dads enjoy time with their children and work hand-in-hand with moms in raising the children.

Screenshot from video by The LAD Bible / Facebook

In a video that has gone viral after it was posted by The LAD Bible, a group of ‘babywearing dads’ could be seen dancing with their babies – and it really is the cutest thing!

But while many found the clip adorable, there were also others who found the video ‘stupid’, calling the dads ‘gays’ for doing this! That certainly is a double insult not just to the dads but also to the gay community.

Thankfully, while the video had a lot of haters, it was well received in the community and many people supported these dads, encouraging them to continue sharing fun moments with their babies and not let these haters put them down!

What do you think of this video?

Dad Dancing With A Modern Twist

A new take on the dad dance… 👌😂

Posted by The LAD Bible on Thursday, February 16, 2017