Adorable Video of ‘Broken’ Tumbling Hamster Goes Viral… This is Hilarious!

Hamsters are cute, intelligent pets – and we’ve seen a lot of videos to prove that but there’s this one clip that truly made us roll with laughter.

Shared by Don’t Poke the Bear (Dontpokethebear) page on Facebook, the clip shows a group of hamsters playing and scampering around their cage but one of them had a different idea of fun.

This light-colored hamster has discovered the joys of tumbling; thus, instead of simply running and scampering, it would run up to the food container and tumble over its back. After a tumble, it would run up to the food container and do a tumble again.

On and on it went tumbling so quickly that it looks like a ‘broken’ or malfunctioning mechanical hamster instead of a real one – yet the clip was not scary at all but actually quite adorable!

Check the ‘broken’ hamster in this video:

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