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After 11 Months of Being Deployed, Soldier Reunites with Beloved Dog in this Heartwarming Reunion

“Your dog may only be a part of your life; to him, you’re the entire world.”

We all know how difficult it is to be separated from loved ones and it can be especially hard to those we care about that can’t understand why we have to go (i.e our dogs, cats, etc.,). Any dog owner would agree to the quote written above.

For soldiers, when they are deployed somewhere, their absence is felt not only by their family, loved ones and friends, but also their loving pets, especially dogs.  With that in mind, can you imagine how difficult it must be for our dogs when we leave them for long periods of time?

In the video below, a soldier who was deployed away from his dog for 11 months learned just how much his beloved dog missed him when he was finally able to come home. He set up a surprise reunion with his lovable dog. With the help of his Mom, he hid under a blanket on the couch, silently waiting for how long it would take for his dog to find and recognize him.

As soon as his mom opened the door, it turned out that it didn’t take long for his dog to recognize him. The adorable dog quickly sniffled the couch, working his way all around it. And not long enough, he recognized the soldier and they have their touching reunion!

Watch their heartwarming reunion below:

There was no doubt these two are best friends. We’re sure glad they’re back together again!