After Being Rescued from Cruel Circus Training, Elephant Rescues Favorite Human from ‘Drowning’

In 2015, a baby elephant named Kham Lha was rescued from cruel circus training and brought to the Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary in Thailand. There, she developed a strong bond with one of the staffers, Darrick.

Kham Lha and Darrick had become such good friends that the elephant would quickly drop anything she’s doing upon hearing her favorite human calling her name – and she would gladly risk her own life to save him from any danger, real or perceived.

So, when Kham Lha saw Darrick ‘drowning’ in the river, she immediately rushes to rescue him even when he actually needed no help at all! She just wasn’t risking anything, just in case Darrick actually needed her help!

What a beautiful friendship…

This simply goes to show that the good you show to others will truly come back to you! After all, if Darrick was truly drowning, then Kham Lha would have saved his life.

Source :

The Dodo

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