After Booking a Ride on ‘Grab’, Girl Finds Long-Lost Father She Hasn’t Seen in 10 Years

Ride-hailing apps like Grab and Uber are heaven-sent to millions of commuters across the world but one young lady has found another reason to thank these apps when she found her long-lost father after booking a ride.

A few days ago, 17-year-old Salma Zuhara who lives in Central Java, Indonesia booked a ride on GrabBike to get back home, just like what she typically does after school.

She wasn’t really paying much attention while using the app; thus, she was quite surprise when her ride arrived and the driver turned out to be her dad whom she has not seen in 10 years!

I went home from school and ordered a GrabBike. I then got a driver. I wasn’t paying attention at first. When the driver arrived, I looked at him, it turned out he was my papa,” Zuhara posted on social media.

The shocked young woman didn’t know how to react, feeling rather awkward that she would finally find her dad in this manner but the two soon warmed up to each other as they made small talk about her school.

Photo credit: / Instagram


Zuhara revealed that her parents had divorced 10 years ago. After the divorce was finalized, they never saw their father again but heard that he’s been going from one place to another; Zuhara isn’t sure whether her father has a new family as she hadn’t thought to ask that but she hopes that they could spend more time together, despite the circumstances.

For your information, my mama and papa divorced a long time ago and we hadn’t heard from him since. Now, God arranged our meeting like this. I’m so moved after not seeing my papa for years,” the young girl said.

Of course, their meeting wasn’t all happy because sad memories came back to her and she also felt awkward talking to him after all the lost years but she hopes they can make up for lost time and catch up with each other again soon.

To be sure, Zuhara gave her dad her number so they can keep in touch.