After His Mother Abandoned Them, 7-Year-Old Boy Takes Sole Care of His Paralyzed Father

A 7-year-old boy is touching hearts across the globe for the huge sacrifice he is doing for his paralyzed father. Instead of playing with other kids in Wangpu village, Guizhou province, China, Ou Yanglin spends his waking hours caring for his paralyzed father, Ou Tongming.

Tongming worked as a laborer for a construction company but fell from the 2-story building he was working on back in June 2013. He was immediately brought to the hospital but the fall not only caused broken ribs and vertebrae, it had also damaged his spine and left him paralyzed.

Despite spending all their money on treatment options, Tongming’s condition did not improve. Sadly, his wife abandoned him a year later, leaving with their daughter. Left alone with his father, Yanglin taught himself how to care for his father. At the time, he was still 6 years old but Yanglin was wise beyond his years. Not only did he learn to cook food for them both, he would also earn money by collecting garbage so they could have enough to eat.

Tongming had contemplated on taking his own life so he wouldn’t burden his son further but the thought of leaving Yanglin orphaned stopped him. As the Yanglin, he does not mind caring for his father, saying, “I can’t live without my father.” He also said he wants to grow up faster so he could earn more money not just for food but to cure his father’s injuries.

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