After Seeing a Homeless Man Rummaging for Food in Trash Can, Owner Installs “Free Food Fridge” Outside Restaurant

In a restaurant, a lot of food often go to waste because diners might not finish up all the food or that the cooks might have cooked too much food that didn’t get bought by customers for the day. While some restaurants let their employees bring the extra food or pay for it at low price, some actually just throw these away quite possibly to avoid problems in the stringent food standards of the company or locality.

While there are a lot of homeless people who might go through these restaurants’ trash bins in search of food, they are often driven away and told to never come back again as they could harm the restaurant’s clean image.

But restaurant owner Minu Pauline in India had a different reaction when she spotted a homeless man rummaging through the trash can outside her shop on day.

Photo credit: Stirred Up / Facebook
Photo credit: Stirred Up / Facebook

She realized that with so much food going to waste in her restaurant, she could actually help feed these homeless people!

So, she installed a fridge outside the restaurant and encouraged her patrons to put their leftovers inside the fridge instead of just throwing these away. All restaurant leftovers are also placed in the fridge – and everyone and anyone can get as much food as they want from the fridge, at no cost!

The project actually became a huge hit – and Pauline’s patrons even ordered extra food to be placed inside the fridge, instead of just putting their leftovers inside! Food packs are also labeled according to date to ensure that the people getting food from the fridge can check whether the items were still fresh or already a few days old.

Indeed, this project shows just what a lovely thing it would be if all people would just help each other out…

After watching a homeless man rummage through a trash can, this restaurant owner had a wonderful idea

Posted by Stirred Up on Thursday, September 15, 2016