After Suffering an Accident, 85-Year-Old Grandma Walks Again Through Yoga… And Her Hunchback is Gone!

While visiting her kids in Wagener, SC, back in November 2014, Anna Pesce nearly collapsed while walking up the stairs. The pain was so unbearable that she spent the rest of the vacation on a wheelchair and even when she got back home to Orangeburg, NY, she still could not walk.

Not resigned to a life on a wheelchair, Pesce tried her best to seek various forms of treatment but none were effective. She said, “I tried everything: acupuncture, a physical therapist and seeing a chiropractor. You feel good temporarily, but [I’d be] in pain again soon after.

Pesce has been suffering from a hunchback for many decades now due to osteoporosis, a herniated disc, and scoliosis. At 85 years old when the injury at the stairs of her kids’ home happened, everyone thought she wouldn’t be able to walk again.

Photo credit: NY Post / Stephen Yang
Photo credit: NY Post / Stephen Yang

Then, some 3 months later, one of her granddaughters who happened to be a yoga teacher introduced her to another yoga instructor who specializes in back care, Rachel Jesien. Thanks to weekly therapy sessions with Jesien, grandma Pesce was able to walk within just a month!

What’s even more incredible is that as she continued to undergo yoga sessions with Jesien, Pesce would soon lose her hunchback – and is now fully able to stand straight! In just 4 months after starting yoga, she would also achieve a modified headstand where she could carry her body in an upside down position, with her feet parallel to her head in an inverted V position.

Thanks to yoga therapy, not only is Pesce able to walk after the accident and stand straight after decades of having a hunchback, she has also developed increased self-esteem and has become more independent, her daughter Rosemary Pitruzzella revealed.

Photo credit: NY Post / Kevin Kelley Photography
Photo credit: NY Post / Kevin Kelley Photography

I didn’t know yoga could do that! I think it’s time to start learning yoga while we’re still young…

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