Airport Security Detains Three Women Fresh from Plastic Surgery, Passports Don’t Match Their Faces

A lot of people are not content with the way they look, feeling that they have to change their appearance to be the ideal person they want to be. Of course, they are entitled to do that as they are spending their own money, anyway, but there are times when things like this could get someone in trouble.

Take for example these three Chinese ladies who were not able to board a plane because their ‘new’ faces didn’t match the photos on their passports! Ooooops.

The incident has gotten much media attention after the photo of the three ladies was posted by Jian Huahua, a Chinese news anchor.

The three ladies had apparently gone to South Korea to take advantage of the 8-day Chinese national holiday, an occasion that often sparks mall sales and various sales in nearby countries. In recent years, there has been an influx of tourists heading to South Korea for cosmetic enhancements – and discounts are often offered during Chinese holidays such as the recent Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival to entice tourists.

Photo credit: Asia Wire / UNILAD

But even before the swelling on their faces have gone down so they can look ‘normal’, the ladies tried to get back to China but were stopped at the airport because security couldn’t verify their identities based on their travel documents. Since they look nothing like their passport photos, they were detained at the airport.

The airport security are most likely waiting for these women’s faces to stop swelling; though they do have other ways to prove their identity, including via their fingerprints. It is unknown whether the three ladies are finally able to go home.

What’s for sure is that they aren’t going to be the last ones to travel to South Korea for cosmetic enhancements, especially because many clinics in the country offer cheap surgery during China’s so-called ‘Golden Week’ and other similar holidays.

Moreover, there is a recent trend in China for ladies to look more westernized, with larger eyes and high bridge noses.

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