Alien-like Orb Found by Fisherman in the Middle of the Sea Turned Out to be Bloated Whale Carcass… It was a Good Thing He Didn’t Poke It!

If you were out in the sea by yourself and you see something weird and alien-like floating, what would you do? Well, other people might be brave enough to start poking at this strange floating object but more sensible ones would keep their distance and simply take snapshots as ‘evidence’ that they’ve seen something strange in the middle of the sea – and the latter option could actually save your life!

This happened to a fisherman named Mark Watkins who was out at sea some 30 miles southwest of Bunbury, Australia. He noticed something strange floating some distance from his boat and decided to investigate. What he saw was a weird orb that looks like something from some sci-fi movie.

Instead of poking at this strange object, he decided to simply take some pictures and share these on social media – and it was the best decision! For the strange object turned out to be the bloated body of a **** whale. Had he poked it, it could have exploded!

Photo credit: Yahoo! News / Mark Watkins
Photo credit: Yahoo! News / Mark Watkins

The explosion could send tons of yucky, decomposing **** whale meat on his boat, not to mention the release of the pungent chemicals from the bloated carcass! If strong enough, the explosion might decapitate or even kill him! Indeed, he made a good decision when he left the strange thing on its own.

According to Yahoo! News, the carcass was identified by Mother Nature Network as possibly that of a southern right whale or a humpback whale.

Now, while the **** whale looks frightening and dangerous out there at sea, marine biologist Andrew David Thaler said it will eventually deflate by itself if left untouched; then, it will sink to the bottom of the sea and become a wealthy resource for marine creatures there.

Since it would take 30 years for whale carcass to completely breakdown, it will surely be quite useful for the lucky marine creatures at the bottom of the sea where it falls to.

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Yahoo! News

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