All ‘The Voice’ Coaches Turn Within 15 Seconds of Hearing This Bob Marley Incarnate Sing

A lot of people wish to become the next Bob Marley, the internationally acclaimed Jamaican reggae singer who died in 1981. His son, Damian Marley, has followed his footsteps and has gained renown for also being a reggae singer.

Other fans have followed suit, including Mitchell Brunings who auditioned for The Voice of Holland in 2013 with a powerful rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song”.

Within 15 seconds, all four coaches turned their chair for Brunings as they were amazed over his powerful vocals that were so similar to Marley’s that many would later say he is the reggae singer’s incarnation.

He would go on to qualify for every round of the competition, finishing in second place in the finals.

His performance caught the attention of a playwright and director who’s been working on a stage production about Bob Marley’s life, Kwame Kwei-Armah. “I was mesmerized. I jumped on a plane and dashed to Holland to see him immediately. Having auditioned actors around the world for this role, I knew right away that he was a natural,” Kwei-Armah revealed.

Watch his Brunings’ performance here:

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