Allegedly ‘Possessed’ Baby Balances on Crib in Viral Video Supposedly Posted by His Parents

A video has gone viral of an allegedly ‘possessed’ baby who, with eyes glowing, climbed up screaming on top of his crib and stood up of the railing for some 22 seconds before toppling down to his bed. The video has sparked a debate as to whether the clip was simply edited to delete an adult helping the child stand up for that long or if the video was untouched.

But while many are doubting the authenticity of the clip, others are saying that the baby’s actions were not really creepy and akin to a possessed child because, firstly, the glowing eyes can easily be attributed to the fact that the video was shot using a night vision camera.

Moreover, the child’s crib was made of wood and looks like it had a wide railing, ensuring that though most babies would have a difficult time climbing it because of the height, those who could reach it can stand up and keep their balance for a long time. Of course, as can be seen in the video, that balance can easily be lost – and the baby topples down to the crib.

Also, the screaming is expected of many babies – and many commenters are furious at the parents for letting the child scream and cry without trying to appease the baby. Also, the clip was supposedly uploaded by the parents, making many people angry at what they believe is an irresponsibility in the part of the baby’s mom and dad.

Watch the clip here: