Alzheimer’s Disease Makes This Grandma Forget, So She Gets to ‘Meet’ New Granddaughter Every Day

It is sad that medical conditions like amnesia and Alzheimer’s Disease can take away memories and make people forget themselves, including the people they love. But despite the sad circumstances, some people still find a positive to the condition – just like this grandmother who gets to meet her new granddaughter every single day!

While it might be quite frustrating that she does not remember anything and has to be introduced to her granddaughter over and over again, it was also quite sweet to see that she was always excited and happy each time she discovers she has a new granddaughter.

Photo credit: NTD News – Facebook / Storytrender

This simply means that even if she has to live the moment over and over again, which can be tiresome to outsiders, it is a beautiful moment that makes her feel happy. Isn’t it beautiful that she gets to enjoy it every single day?

In the video shared by NTD News via Storytrender, the old lady happily goes near the new mother and her baby. When told that the child is her granddaughter, her face always lights up in wonder and joy!

Photo credit: NTD News – Facebook / Storytrender

Indeed, even if Alzheimer’s Disease had taken away her memory and prevents her from remembering her new granddaughter, the condition has not changed the fact that she’s a caring, loving woman who enjoys being a doting grandma – even if she keeps forgetting it, anyway.

Check out this adorable video that is sure to tug at your heartstrings…

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