Amazing: 14 Egg Hacks You Should Be Learning By Now!

One of the most popular food items in the world are eggs. Sometimes, it can even be considered as a power food. It is one of the nutritious food that you can consider adding in your diet. Whether you like them sunny-side up, scrambled, with milk, hard boiled, soft boiled — there are a lot of ways to cook and prepare your egg but one thing is for sure, it’s pretty simple to cook eggs.

While browsing the internet, we came across this amazing video about a few interesting tricks and “egg hacks” that you can use everyday.

Photo credit: Youtube

In the video below uploaded by HouseholdHacker, you’ll learn some pretty simple yet amazing tricks like:

1. How to balance an egg
2. How to make a sunnyside up egg in the microwave
3. How to make sure your eggs are still good
4. How to make a perfect scrambled egg
5. How to make poached egg in the microwave
6. How to make soft boiled egg in 5 minutes
7. How to make scramble an egg in the shell
8. How to make crack an egg with one hand
9. How to make remove egg yolk easily
10. How to make scrambled eggs in the microwave
11. How to make perfect and easy sunnyside up eggs
12. How to bake your eggs in the oven
13. How to peel eggs easily
14. How to make poor man’s Sous Vide egg poaching

Curious on how to do these tricks?

Watch the video below and learn!

What do you think? Do you know any other egg hacks that you can share with us?