Amazing Rescue: Officer Finds a Dog by Chance on a Dark Road…His Instincts Told Him to Follow

State trooper Terrence Shanigan was responding to an emergency call when got lost in the winding roads and many crossroads leading to the incident scene; especially because it was a dark night and his GPS froze.

When he was almost ready to give up after struggling hard to find the way, yet also understanding that every second counts, he sees a dog by the roadside.

Though the dog, of course, did not say anything, the officer picked up cues that it wanted him to follow it along the road. In an interview afterwards, the officer said he felt a connection with the dog at the time and decided to follow his instincts. Plus, he was lost, anyway!

Down the road, the dog goes. It would sometimes look back at the state trooper’s car to make sure it is following down the icy road.

After several turns, they finally arrived to the dog’s home, which was Terrence’s original destination as well.

Owner Ben Heinrichs said his dog Buddy was among the several dogs in the property they allowed to break free to save themselves from the fire caused by a spark in the shed while he was working. While letting the dog out, Ben told Buddy to go get help.

He did not know just how much that command had meant. Great job, Buddy!