American Couple Quits Corporate Job, Gets Paid $200K+ Yearly to Travel Around the World

Collette and Scott Stohler are “social media influencers” who travel six months out of the year and get paid to posts Instagram photos, YouTube videos, and blogs on their website.

The Stohler’s are a self-described ‘traveling twosome’ who left their corporate jobs to “travel the world full-time, explore off the beaten path locations, and inspire others through [their] active vagabond lifestyle.”

Image via roamaroo’s Instagram Account

These so-called “social media influencers” are riding the tide of a rapidly growing industry. A lot of ad companies and marketers want to “piggyback” on their success, many of whom are willing to pay more than $200 for a sponsored post.

It doesn’t just happen. You need to hustle. For every 50 pitches we’ll only hear a couple of yeses. You have to have that grit and passion,” says Scott.

Image via roamaroo’s Instagram Account

The industry just continues to evolve, with many eyeing for the silver platter—for the $200k that Collette and Scott make a year for living the dream job.

Image via roamaroo’s Instagram Account

Influencers such as the Stohler’s oftentimes work with destination companies who provide an all-expense-paid trip with an additional “content creation fee”.

Companies would dictate how many sponsored posts would get published on specific social media apps.

Image via roamaroo’s Instagram Account

However, many of these influencers don’t pick their destinations. They have to plan their travel around clients most of the time.

Collette revealed, “The majority of our time is spent shooting. We rarely have time to ‘kick back’ on work trips, but sometimes we’re able to add a day at the end (on our own expense) to explore.