Funny Video: Americans React to Popular Filipino Street Food

Various cultures have a lot of popular street food and delicacies that might look, smell, and taste weird when sampled by “outsiders”; Filipinos are no different. In fact, there are so many bizarre choices on Filipino street food and delicacy menus that many are often included in lists of the world’s top weirdest or disgusting food.

Still, many Filipinos love these food items despite how weird or disgusting these might look to non-Filipinos. A lot would wholeheartedly defend their food against foreigners who call their food yucky; though not all Filipinos enjoy eating all these popular street food, of course.

It is interesting to watch other cultures try Filipino food. What would their reaction be if they were asked to bite into these rather weird-looking food, especially if they were told that the yummy item on the table is actually made of intestines or some other bizarre food source?

Check out the folks on BuzzFeedYellow try out some of these popular food…I wish they also tried balut!

These are the yummiest Pinoy street foods but foreigners do find them disgusting! LOL. Which one is your favorite?