An Inspiring Video of a Man Playing Piano — Except he has no hands

Let me share to you something that will inspire you.. A great example of faith and determination. Whoever said that having a disability can hinder you from doing something that you love will be proven wrong by this video.

The video titled, “Never Limit Yourself-Handless Piano Player” was uploaded on 2011 but has recently gotten the attention of netizens from all over the world. The video is captioned, “God’s example of faith and the will to do anything no matter what obstacles lie in front of you. This song will forever be stuck in my head.”, and it shows us the theme itself–to never limit ourselves despite any situation we have been given in life.. Anything is possible, and as long as we give our all to whatever we are doing, we can do almost anything.

Watch this inspiring video and be amazed how a man with no hands, is able to play the piano so well that it made me want to learn how to play too.. 🙂