Angry Wife ‘Sells’ Husband on Online Store after Catching Him Cheating, ‘Rents’ His GF in Used Items

What would you do if you catch your significant other cheating on you? Well, all hell would break loose, I suppose, but one woman had a passive-aggressive way of dealing with things; she ‘sold’ her husband and offered his girlfriend ‘for rent’ on an online store. LOL.

The scorned wife, who was identified to be from Malaysia and using the handle ‘Hanz Letty’, took online marketplace Carousell to offer the two for a very cheap deal.

Posting her cheating husband as ‘Used’ under the category of Women’s Accessories, she valued him at just RM0.01 or ($0.003). LOL.

Photo credit: The Reporter

To secure the sale, she posted this description:

Selling cheap. Cheater. Doesn’t come back home to family. Loves clubbing. A womaniser. A drunkard. Sleeps around but makes up a sob story by claiming he slept off in the car; isn’t that sweet? Ngaww.

Photo credit: The Reporter

Do you think he’ll have some takers after that scathing description? I highly doubt it.

But aside from ‘selling’ her husband, she also posted his girlfriend ‘for rent’. This time, though, netizens noticed that she was worth ‘a little bit’ more than the husband as the scorned wife priced her at RM0.05 ($0.01) on Carousell.

The description was much longer and more scathing; plus it revealed how she discovered the supposed love affair.

Photo credit: The Reporter

A widow, he said. The thing is he blocks this girl on his phone when he returns home. He also said that this girl owes him a sum of money and, currently, he’s looking for this girl, which is why he had called her several times. However, the funniest part is that the girl didn’t block him but he did.

Also, earlier, he said that he calls this girl several times, right? But, her number is not in his phone call history at all. This is hilarious. Not only that, he also said that he tried to call her to warn her that she can no longer call him.

Then, he tried to justify his actions by claiming that I do that too but I’m not an idiot; instead, you are afraid of your own shadow.”

Do you think these two would have any takers from that online store? LOL. Think twice before you cheat on someone – you just might find yourself ‘on sale’ for a cheap price at an online shop!