Angry Wife Slams New Toyota Fortuner at Husband’s Mercedes Benz after Catching Him with Mistress

One woman was so angry after catching her husband with his mistress that she slammed her new Toyota Fortuner on his Mercedes Benz, causing a 4-kilometer traffic jam at a busy highway in Pathum Thani, Thailand.

According to reports, the wife already suspected that her husband is cheating on her. So, she put a tracking device on his Mercedes Benz. Then, she tracked him down easily and found that her suspicions were true – he does have a mistress!

So, she followed his vehicle to confront him but the guy realized his wife was on his tail. While the man was able to do his best to run away from his wife, the tracking device didn’t fail. Soon, the angry woman was able to get close enough to hit her husband’s car.

Photo credit: The Nation

At first, bystanders thought that this was just another traffic accident but the angry wife got out of her new vehicle and confronted the cheating pair.

The Mercedes Benz was a total wreck. The intentional ‘accident’ also ended up hitting four other cars and injuring six people.

Photo credit: Rescue Volunteer Rattana 108 / ABS-CBN News

While the husband, the wife, and the mistress were not named in the news, we’re quite sure they will all be facing some kind of case soon – from each other and/or from the people affected by their actions.

So, here’s a theoretical question: would you willingly damage your new (and expensive!) SUV to get back at your cheating partner?

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