Annabelle: The Cursed Doll Prank

Annabelle: The Cursed Doll Prank
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If you’re a fan of horror movies and scary pranks, you’re probably used to this. But if you’re just like me who’s never a fan of those (especially if you’ve seen the movie Annabelle), you’ve probably been hiding under the covers and avoiding dolls ever since. But watching  scary movies is nothing compared to getting pranked by the haunted doll herself!

I was never a fan of porcelain dolls. They give me that certain feeling as if they’re staring right into my eyes and straight to my soul — definitely giving me the creeps!

Produced by “Câmera Escondida” (Hidden Camera), a program of Brazilian TV network SBT, came up with this scary prank inspired by the movie “Annabelle”. They have also produced similar earlier pranks officially tied to the release of horror films “Chucky” and “Carrie.”

The video shows us several groups of house cleaners arriving at a house for a job. What they don’t know is that they will be having one of the scariest moments in their life. Little did they know that it was actually a set-up for one of the most heart-racing pranks they will experience!

Watch the full prank video here: