Annoyed Man Dumps Popcorn on Young Lady Who’s Busy Using Mobile Phone Inside Cinema

We’re always advised upon entering the cinema to turn off all electronic gadgets as soon as the movie starts to ensure that nobody will secretly record the movie and also to give respect to people who would want to watch the movie in peace.

However, despite the rules and regulations that the authorities implemented, there are still some inconsiderate people who don’t care, making you feel so frustrated.

Just like this couple from China.

An unidentified man was together with his wife and entered the cinemas to catch the latest movie ‘Operation Red Sea’ in Fuyang District on February 24. So while seated, his attention was caught by a bright light shining from the front row.

Image: World of Buzz

Apparently, the light came from a mobile screen of a young lady seated in the front row. According to World of Buzz, she was using her phone even before the movie started. She had been answering calls and text messages. Her mobile phone’s brightness was brighter than the average which made the other moviegoers, including the man, feel annoyed.

The man approached the young lady, tapped her shoulder and requested to reduce the brightness of her screen. Well, she did not bother reducing the light and just continued what she was doing on her phone.

Image: World of Buzz

Maybe out of frustration, the man was left with no choice but to teach the woman a lesson; he proceeds to grab the box of popcorn from his wife and dumped it on the young lady’s head. Well, the reaction did work, the lady already noticed him and stopped scrolling her phone. She shouted at the man and asked him why he did that.

After the movie, the couple and the young lady met while waiting for the escalator. Another commotion started, now, they threw harsh comments and fists where shoved in each other’s face. Then the husband of the young lady later joined in the fight.

To add some drama to this incident, the police eventually stepped in to stop the commotion, but no to avail; so the police took everyone to the Chengdong police station. Finally, they were all calmed down and apologized to each other.

Next time, let’s be mindful of the people around us to avoid commotion.