Another Beauty Trend Gives You Instant Nose Lift When You Insert Pegs in Your Nostrils

Asians have a very wild imagination especially when it comes to beauty trends. They now made a new trend wherein you insert small pegs of what you called “nose lifter” to make the nose look more European – sharper and pointier.

Image: Oddity Central

This item is called The Nose Lifter. It has two curved silicone pegs that measure two to three centimeters long and a hook made for adjusting. Once you insert this silicone thing into the nostril, you need to adjust to a 45-degree angle, making your nose pointier.

Image: Oddity Central

However, the ‘amazing’ results of this instant nose job might not be as safe as you would have thought it would be. According to Oddity Central, health professionals gave warnings that if this product will be used repeatedly this may cause irreversible damage to the nose.

Speaking to, Professor Richard Harvey, Head of Rhinology at UNSW and Macquarie University, said:

“It’s putting pressure on the cartilage framework of the nose. It’s being manipulated. It’s stretching and distorting it and putting pressure on the lining of the nose. So even if you tolerate it at the time, repeated use could result in an ulcer.”

Image: Oddity Central

Last year, a woman in Taipei who is 25 years old almost lost her nose when one of the pegs broke through her nasal membrane, causing bacterial infection. Another incident happened in China when a woman inhaled the peg and was taken to emergency care. X-ray results show that the device was in her stomach but in eventually passed through her system.

Would you try this beauty device?