Another Mermaid Spotted Off the Coast of a Greek Island?

Mermaids are fascinating creatures that supposedly live beneath the seas, guarding and ruling the oceans.

For hundreds of years, humans have created various stories about mermaids –good or bad – yet there has never been any evidence that they existed. Humans have long explored the oceans, including with the use of advanced instruments and cameras yet no mermaid kingdom has ever been found. Yet there have been a number of reported sightings of these elusive creatures – but do they really exist or are they just products of people’s wild imaginations?

Now, there’s a fisherman who had supposedly taken a picture of a weird creature he believes to be a mermaid. Taken off the coast of the island of Oia in Greece, this photo shows a blue creature which first appeared to look like a dolphin (says the fisherman) but behaved in a different manner.

The creature was also moving really fast – for this reason, the fisherman was not able to get a clearer picture.

We’re not quite sure if we could agree with the guy and say this was a mermaid for sure. What do you think?

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