Ants Mysteriously Come Out from 11-Year-Old Girl’s Eye, Doctors Can’t Figure Out Why

An 11-year-old girl from Belthangady, India made headlines for having around 60 **** ants come out from her eyes.

According to International Business Time, Ashwini woke up one morning complaining that her eyes were in severe pain and itchy. Her parents checked her eyes to see what seemed to be the cause of pain and they found a **** ant right below her eyelid which they thought had landed in her eyes while she was sleeping.

Image: Oddity Central

But after some time, she started complaining about pain in her eyes; they shockingly found more **** ants. They immediately rushed her to the hospital to seek diagnosis.

A local doctor from their area told her parents that the insects must have entered her body through her ears and somehow made their way to her eyes. She was prescribed some eye-drops to treat the irritation.

Yet, despite the medication, around five to six ants are coming from her eyes every day for the first week; they found at least sixty **** ants so far in the last ten days.

Ashwini was taken to an eye hospital at Moodabidri by her school teachers; unfortunately, doctors couldn’t make any conclusions or diagnosis why these ants keep coming out in her eyes.

Meanwhile, her parents feared that their daughter was affected by an evil spirit.

What do you think may have caused this? We hope and pray that doctors will soon find out what happened and may Ashwini feel better soon.

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