Apple or Onion? Toddler Tearfully Eats What He Thought was an Apple

There are times in our lives when we decide based on our beliefs and when we do, we have to stand firm with that decision.

So was the case with a little boy who has been the subject of a video that recently went viral on social media.

Facebook user Claudio Di Stefano uploaded a video of a toddler holding a fruit and was about to eat it. The caption of the video narrates an exchange between a mother and her child who were arguing on a fruit; with the child insisting that it was an apple while the mother points out that it was an onion. They continued this exchange and the mother gives in saying that it was an apple, and tells him to eat it.

Image from the Facebook account of Claudio Di Stefano

In the video, the toddler took a bite of the fruit which he thought was an apple. A few seconds later, his eyes were twitching, probably, because of the taste of the onion but he still continued chewing on it, anyway. Breathing heavily, he looked like he was about to cry, about to gag, but he still continued biting and chewing on what he thought was an apple.

The said video has been shared more than 120,000 times, garnered 39,000 mixed reactions and 15,000 comments from the netizens.

Some of those who commented thought that the kid was so adorable but there are some who also felt sorry for him. Someone also thought that the child might not eat an apple after that experience.

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