Armless Student Creates Amazing Art Using Her Feet, Joins Editorial Cartooning Contest

A young student recently impressed netizens after she created amazing art with the use of her feet, because she was born with no hands!

Angel Mae Otom represented Olongapo City National High School at the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) held in Olongapo City.

Photo credit: James Konstantin Galvez / Facebook

She only ranked sixth in the editorial cartooning contest and wouldn’t be representing the district for the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) or make it to the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC), she made headlines for the impressive way she uses her feet to create her art.

Among those who truly admired Angel’s talent is James Konstantin Galvez, a journalist who recognized the young lady’s talent and shared her story on social media.

Photo credit: James Konstantin Galvez / Facebook

Galvez wrote on Facebook:

Whoa!!! Look, ma, no hands! Came across Angel Mae Otom while she’s doing her piece for the editorial cartooning contest. She’s handicapped, born with no arms, but that did not stop her from doing what she love…

P.S. It was her first time to join the contest but the quality of her work is already at par with other best cartoonists around. Hope she gets podium finish at the NSPC.

Just like Galvez, most netizens were impressed by Angel’s talent and dedication to her craft, especially because this is doubly hard for someone like her who has to use her feet to work on the art.

Photo credit: James Konstantin Galvez / Facebook

And while there were those who thought Galvez was playing favorites and was featuring Angel more because of the fact that she can draw with her feet rather than her talent, the journalist explained that this is not the case. He told one netizen that the photo was meant to inspire.

When questioned about the judging process, Galvez told the netizen that he’s simply impressed with the young girl’s talent, but the judges are surely credible enough to grade the contestants’ entries. Plus, many pointed out that judges often have no idea who made the art because the entries are simply numbered.

Photo credit: James Konstantin Galvez / Facebook

Angel’s talent is truly impressive. Though she didn’t make it to the next level, netizens continued to admire her work and were quite impressed with her determination. God bless you, Angel!