Artist Receives Criticism for Killing Butterflies, Uses Wings for Artwork

Li Zheng is a fourth-year student that is behind  a controversial artwork that used butterflies which according to her symbolizes “rebirth”.

The history behind her artwork started when her lecturer had instructed the students to create an integrated and comprehensive art piece by using various materials to re-create famous paintings. She then decided to remake the paintings of the famous Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh.

Image: World of Buzz

While doing some research on what material she should use for her artwork, she discovered an artist who used butterfly wings in art. She then realized that in some cultures, tiny insects symbolize renewal and rebirth.

According to her, she was able to use a total of 500 pairs of butterfly wings in two artwork pieces.

Image: World of Buzz

“I am not afraid of my artwork. While putting together my art piece, I had the thought of whether or not to continue using butterflies as my resources. In the end, I insisted on using butterflies as I feel that it gives out the meaning of “rebirth” despite people criticising me for killing animals,” she said in an interview.

Image: World of Buzz

Her butterfly wing paintings sparked an argument between concerned netizens. Some are accusing her of killing the insect saying that she might have some kind of mental problem while some believe that her artworks were really an original art and that it should not have been an issue because butterflies were already used by another foreign artist.

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