Artists Demanding Ivanka Trump to Remove Their Artwork Off Her House, Netizens React

It seems that everyone hates Donald Trump but when several artists took to social media to attack his daughter, telling her to remove their artwork off her house because they do not want to be associated with her dad, the internet takes her side and bashed the artists!

Artists of the Halt Action Group launched the #DearIvanka hashtag in hopes of getting Ivanka Trump’s attention so she would remove their artwork off their walls. Some of these people include art curator Alison Gingeras and Philadelphia artist Alex Da Corte as well as art dealer Bill Powers.

While most of the artists cited her dad’s policies as reason why they want to get Ivanka to remove their artwork from her home, others appeared to be attacking her for personal reasons – though they probably meant to just express that they hate her dad.

Screenshot from video by Fox News

For instance, Da Corte wrote, “Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you.

But while there were those who took the artists’ side and expressed disdain against her dad, many were not pleased that the artists are attacking Ivanka, especially because she had actually paid for those artwork and must have surely appreciated those art! Many netizens believe that if these artists really want her to remove their art, then they should refund her.

Fox News anchors Kari Lake and Mary Kate Gaffney also put in their two cents about the issue, saying that the artists shouldn’t attack Ivanka because it’s not her fault that she’s Donald Trump’s daughter and that these artists should have been happy someone as famous as Ivanka had purchased their artwork to actually display in her house!

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