Asians Strikes Again with New Viral Couple Challenge: Hit and Kiss

We all love seeing different posts on how couples show their affection towards each other; that cute feeling whenever we see a couple who seemed to love each other so dearly. There are several couple challenges circulating online that encourage other couples to join the fun.

Asians are famous for their different concepts of couple challenge that everyone really loves because it’s really cute and really sweet.

Now, Asians again made another adorable challenge that everyone would love. They call it Hit and Kiss challenge.

Screengrab from Gamily Channel via Facebook

A compilation of couple who had done this challenge was uploaded by a Facebook page- Gamily Channel and circulated on social media.

The concept may seem to be violent because the girl would slap their boyfriends and follow it up with a really sweet kiss. The challenge is not to get hit. LOL!

Screengrab from Gamily Channel via Facebook

Initially, the boyfriend would be shocked after their girlfriends will slap them but then their face will light up as soon as they receive the sweet kiss.

Even after the kiss, some boyfriends looks clueless. What is the boyfriend thinking at that moment? Maybe, “Is my girlfriend crazy?’

The video already gathered over 28 million views, 63,000 shares and 60,000 reactions from netizens all over the globe.

Screengrab from Gamily Channel via Facebook

Netizens all over the globe shared their thoughts in the comments section.

This video is so mean, I know I’m single you don’t have to slap me in my face,” one netizen said,

“Alright, One minute and Forty-one seconds of imagination. After this, back to reality. I am still single,” another netizen said.

Will you try this challenge with your beau?