At 82, Japanese Woman Makes Dumplings During the Day and Drops Beats at Night

When I spin the tables, I just want to match the beat, choose the right music, but the best thing is for my audience to enjoy themselves,” said 82-year-old, Sumiko Iwamuro, who spends her day making ‘gyoza’ and drops energetic party-starter beats as soon as the sun sets.

Image from the Twitter account of @sumirock27

Young people make up the majority of her audience but DJ Sumirock’s music transcends generations.

Her events are, well, she’s got this energy that goes beyond age, and that can equal any young person here,” 25-year old clubber Fuminari Fujii said. “She’s really cool!

Image from DJ Mag

Twelve years ago, Sumiko discovered her love for techno music while she was choosing tracks for her son’s birthday. She enjoyed it so much that she even attended a school for disc jockeys. She made her own records using a combination of techno beats, jazz, French chanson, and classical music.

She inherited her interest in music from her father, who was a jazz drummer.

Sumiko compared spinning tables to that of running a dumpling restaurant. “In both, results can be seen immediately. If the customer eats what you have made, it shows on their face it is delicious, and if a DJ is good, everyone will dance happily.

DJ Sumirock performs monthly at DecabarZ, a popular nightclub in Shinjuku District and hopes of someday breaking into the New York club scene as well.

Image from ShortList
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