Australian Students Successfully Recreated the Key Ingredient of a $750 Pill for only $20

There is big money in the Pharmaceuticals business. Martin Shkreli of Turing Pharmaceuticals knew it when they acquired the exclusive rights for Daraprim, a drug for malaria and HIV. Last August 2015, the price of Daraprim rose from $13.50 to a ridiculous $750 per tablet.

While the rest of world can only criticize the ludicrous display of greed, a group of 17-year-old Australian students from Sydney Grammar decided to take action. Their aim was to recreate Pyrimethamine, the active ingredient of Daraprim and to show to the world that the $750 price of Daraprim is not just.

After a year of hardwork, the students successfully created Pyrimethamine using only $20 worth of ingredients and they could not believe what they have done.


One of the students, Milan Leonard was ecstatic with their accomplishment and made a comment regarding the ridiculous drug prices.

It makes sense that if you’re putting billions of dollars into research for a drug like this, you should be able to reap some profit, but to do something like this … it’s just not just,” he said.

Fellow student, Brandon Lee also said, “We spent so long and there were so many obstacles that we, not lost hope, but it surprised us like ‘oh, we actually made this material’ and ‘this can actually help people out there’.

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