Australian Teen Tries to Impress a Girl by Wrestling a Crocodile, Nearly **** But at Least He Gets the Girl!

It is funny (and crazy!) at times what guys would do to impress a girl – and one of these guys nearly lost his life!

In Queensland, Australia, Lee De Paauw and his friends were having some drinks with British backpacker Sophie Paterson. They told her stories about the scary and dangerous creatures in the area, including a crocodile that lives at a nearby river.

Thinking that he could impress Sophie into thinking he’s the bravest guy she ever met, Lee bragged that he is not afraid of jumping into Johnstone River even if a crocodile lives there. Sophie later admitted that she wasn’t sure Lee would actually do it but egged on by friends and having had a couple of drinks, the teen actually jumped into the muddy river!

Now, he was probably thinking that the crocodiles would not mind him at all or that they were far away – after all, that river is huge! But he was unlucky enough to have one actually waiting for him to jump in!

Stock photo by Pixabay

The moment Lee touched the water, a huge crocodile grabbed his arm and dragged him several feet under the river! Knowing the danger he faces, Lee began wrestling with the crocodile. He punched it on the snout several times but the creature was bent on having him for dinner.

As the crocodile started to build up for a ‘***** roll’ which would have spelled certain ***** for Lee not just from drowning but from sheer force, the teen made one last attempt to break free by gouging the creature’s eyes with his free arm.

He succeeded. This time the crocodile let him go but his arm was profusely bleeding by this time. He was rushed to the hospital and was in danger of losing his arm. Thankfully, the doctors managed to save the arm; although he would soon make headlines for his crazy actions.

Screenshot from video by 9News

After learning that Lee had wrestled with the crocodile to impress a girl, netizens couldn’t help but ask whether he did impress her. Well, according to the report, Sophie agreed to go out on a date with him. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do anything stupid again just to impress her or any other girl…

Watch the report on the incident here: