Austrian man pulls ferris wheel, sets world record

  • Franz Muellner, an Austrian athlete, recently fulfilled his dream of setting a world record
  • He pulled Munich’s “Hi-Sky,” the biggest mobile giant ferris wheel in the world
  • Muellner admitted that completing the task was “brutal,” but in the end, he is happy to take home the world record

An Austrian athlete set a world record for pulling a ferris wheel in Munich by himself.

Image via Hi-Sky

Franz Muellner who dubs himself as “Austrian rock” fulfilled his long-time dream by pulling “Hi-Sky,” the biggest mobile giant wheel in the world, according to the City of Munich’s website. He described the conditions he experienced while doing the task as “brutal.”

With ropes attached to the ferris wheel, Muellner managed to make it move. The secret, he told reporters, was to “get it moving right away.”

“Once it moves it is okay. That is what’s difficult. I needed to give 100 percent, 110 percent to pull it off. If I stop, that’s it, I don’t get a second chance,” Muellner, who was already getting out of breath, said. “It has to work the first time, otherwise you stand no chance. I pulled between 300 to 400 kilos to get it off. That’s like if you had to lift up half a ton. It was brutal.”

Still, Muellner is grateful that he will be going home with a world record certified by “Record Institute for Germany,” which is based in Hamburg.

Muellner said the ferris wheel weighed 750 tons, but his newly-obtained certificate says it weighs 1,500 tons.

Image via Hi-Sky

Munich’s website says that Hi-Sky has a total height of 78 meters. It has the capacity of 422 people, with 26 gondolas each with up to 16 standing places and a VIP gondola with 6 seats. It is also the world’s largest transportable big wheel, which fits in 76 ship containers.

Well, that’s for the records. Congratulations!

Source: YouTube, 10 Daily, Munich City