Ketan Aggarwal

Autistic Guy Insulted and Called Stupid by Gym Instructor, Teaches Himself Law and Sues the Company. He Won!

When someone puts you down, you should not retreat to your room crying since that wouldn’t help the situation. Instead, you need to rise up to the challenge and prove them wrong.

That is the story of Ketan Aggarwal, a 30-year-old Londoner with autism, who was put to shame by a gym instructor. However, unlike many others, he didn’t go to his room and cry. Instead, he teaches himself about the Law.

He knows that if he knew the law, then he would have a better fighting chance.  He also knows the law would need to listen to him since he is the one that got ridiculed.

Ketan Aggarwal
Image by Independent

The incident happened in May 2015. Reports claimed that he was called stupid by one of the gym instructors because he is autistic.  He reported it to the higher officials of the said gym, but no one seems to take him seriously.  This led him to file a legal complaint, wherein he represented himself. He won the case and was awarded with the sum of £1,390.  The accused instructor got fired as a result.

Image by Bored Panda

He said after the case: “He called me stupid twice. Calling someone with a mental disability ‘stupid’ is similar to mocking a guy in a wheelchair. If I was that stupid I wouldn’t have been able to successfully pursue the claim against a solicitor of a billion pound company. It was two years coming and it was hard work.

When he was younger, the situation would have resulted to a brawl since it makes him anxious and angry.  Now, that he is older, he is much calmer and would use his brain to handle the situation.