Autorickshaw Driver Sues Famous Bangladeshi Actor, Film Director and Producer of the Film ‘Rajneeti’ for Using His Personal Phone Number without Permission

On June 25, 2017, the film, Rajneeti was released. There was a certain scene wherein Shakib Khan recites a phone number. Unfortunately, in this situation, the number was not fake – it is the real phone number of Ijajul Mia, an autorickshaw driver from the Jatrapasha village, in Baniachang Upazila. From then, his life turned upside down.

Image: Oddity Central

He is suing the Bangladeshi film star, the film director and the producer because ever since the film was launched his number was bombarded with phone calls from the star’s female fan base – making his life a living hell and it’s starting to affect his life and his marriage.

According to Oddity Central, since July, the plaintiff complained that he received over 500 calls from different women asking about the popular actor; he also said that he spends most of his time ‘answering calls’.

To name a few, there was a certain scenario with a woman who traveled 300 miles because she desperately wants to see the actor so she tracks the phone’s address.

Because of this unwanted attention, Ijajul’s wife is beginning to suspect that he has another woman.

Ijajul is now thinking of selling his family home to escape all the fan’s of the actor but he cannot change his phone number in an instant because changing his phone number would lose his business from his established clientele.

He already filed a case for using his personal information without permission against Khan and Bulbul Biswas, film director and Ashfaq Ahmad, producer. He is seeking five million takas ($60,000) in damages.