Awesome Parents Tell Their Son That His Lost Toy is Just Traveling the World. How the Internet Responds is PURE GENIUS!

Do you remember your favorite toy growing up? I remember mine was a cuddly teddy bear which I brought with me wherever I go, most especially when I go to bed at night. For others, it may be a doll or their favorite blanky, because more often than not, every child has their own cuddle buddy.

But what if you lost your favorite toy? Losing a favorite toy can be devastating for a young child – but one boy’s parents came up with a clever way to cheer him up when he lost his favorite toy elephant. Instead of telling him that the elephant might be gone forever, his parents instead told him that the toy was traveling the world.

The parents turned to Reddit and asked photo-savvy friends to do them a small favor: to Photoshop the elephant into beautiful scenes so that they could tell their son his toy was just traveling! What they got in return was a photo series that made their little guy’s day! Isn’t it amazing?

This is the photo they sent out into the Reddit world.

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Although these parents may conveniently find the elephant in a store, we all know the truth. This cute little guy is still out there, traveling and exploring the world. We just have to go out there and find him!

Below are some of the little elephant’s adventures:

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