Baby Born with Headless Parasitic Twin Attached to its Chest

They could have been conjoined twins but one of the twins did not fully develop, becoming a weird attachment to the fully developed baby born via normal delivery at a government health center in Perugopannapalli village in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India.

Twenty-four year old Laxshmi, the mother, was shocked to find that her child looks so weird, having a parasitic twin attached to his chest. Because of his condition, he was transferred to state hospital Institute of Child Health (ICH) in Chennai.

Doctors were surprised with his condition, saying this is a rare case. The parasitic twin looks fully formed; it had two arms, two legs, intact excretory system, bladder, and anus. Still, it could not be considered a conjoined twin as it did not have a head; the parasitic twin did not have a separate heart and kidneys.

Photo credit: Cover Asia Press/Mirror UK
Photo credit: Cover Asia Press/Mirror UK

According to government pediatric physician Dr. Srinivasan, the parasitic twin needs to be removed. Thankfully, the poor family does not have to pay for the operation at the state hospital.

It’s most definitely a rare case. We cannot yet determine the long-term health of the stronger baby but doctors are hopeful surgery will be successful. It is concluded that doctors will remove the limbs of the parasitic twin so that the fully-formed baby can grow into a normal toddler and have a glowing future,” the doctor revealed.

The doctors are still conducting several tests to determine whether the child is strong enough to survive the operation but they are hopeful that the parasitic twin will be removed in the near future.

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Mirror UK

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