Baby Born with Only 2% Brain, Surprises Doctors after Growing a Full Brain 3 Years Later!

A boy born with no brain has surprised doctors after he grows a full brain some 3 years later! His mom was so thankful she didn’t terminate the pregnancy as the doctors suggested!

Born with hydrocephalus so extreme that fluid has completely filled his brain cavity, Noah Wall had very slim chances of survival. Even when he was still in the womb, Mommy Shelly Wall was told to terminate the pregnancy because the child would only suffer and would not likely live for long, anyway.

But Shelly had faith that a miracle could still happen to her baby.


Scans done right after birth revealed that Noah only had about 2% of brain while the 98% was non-functional due to fluid damage. His future was bleak as the condition was irreversible.

But Noah was a strong boy who was out to prove that miracles do happen! Slowly, he began to catch up with his peers and learned how to talk and walk – not bad for a boy with no brain, right? Even while his progress was much slower than kids his age, it was already quite a miracle that he would be able to do that.

Noah still struggles with spina bifida and other congenital issues, the doctors were truly shocked with his progress. So, they performed scans – and were quite surprised to learn that the boy born with just 2% brain now has a full brain, the same size as those of kids his age! Isn’t that wonderful?


Mommy Shelly cried tears of joy and relief upon seeing the new scans – and she felt extra thankful that she never gave up on Noah, despite all the doctors telling her he doesn’t have a chance of surviving at all!

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