Baby Doesn’t Recognize Mom After Ambush Makeover… But She Looks Totally Gorgeous!

The Today Show on NBC has long been known for its ambush makeovers – and most of the results are absolutely stunning!

There are many instances wherein the makeover went so great that the woman becomes barely recognizable from her “former” self – and it is usually a good thing. After all, they came for the makeover, right?

Well, there is this video of a mom who underwent and ambush makeover – and her child did not immediately recognize her afterwards! The baby even cried when mom took her from dad!

Thankfully, she recognized her mom’s voice a few seconds later and did not try to go back to dad anymore. Even if the child’s reaction wasn’t pleased at first, you’ve got to admit that the mommy looks gorgeous! I do have some reservations about her dress but her overall makeover looks stunning!

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