Baby Girl Who was Born Deaf, Cries after Hearing Mom Say “I Love You” for the First Time

Baby Charlotte was born completely deaf and has never heard anything her parents had told her since birth or the lullabies they sang for her as they lulled her to sleep.

Doctors told Christy Keane and her husband that there’s a huge chance Charlotte could hear and live a normal life in the future when she’s old enough to receive cochlear transplant but she’s still too young for the procedure.

So, the doctors suggested that they first give Charlotte a hearing aid which she can use for the meantime, until she’s old enough to get the implants at 12 months old.

Photo credit: Christy Keane / YouTube

The moment doctors fitted Charlotte with the hearing aid, her excited mother couldn’t wait to talk to her baby and see how she would react now that she could her sound.

Carefully, she held the baby in her arms while someone took a video of the child’s reaction – and it was a good thing it was captured on camera because the clip would soon go viral and bring everyone to tears.

Photo credit: Christy Keane / YouTube

In the clip, Charlotte could be seen reacting to the sound of her mother’s voice, appearing to turn emotional when Christy began to talk to her. While others were concerned that the child was afraid when she heard Christy saying “Hi!” and “Hello!”, many believe Charlotte was actually feeling mixed emotions because she heard her mom talk for the first time.

Check out this adorable video: