Baby Twins Go Viral for Adorable Video of Their Conversation in a ‘Secret Language’

Scientists who have made observations on twins for many years have concluded that these special pairs do have a unique bond that is difficult to explain. Twins can communicate with each other in a secret language that only they could understand.

Studies have even shown that twins who lived apart and didn’t know each other for most of their lives ended up living parallel lives, with some saying they felt that they were missing something only to learn that it was their twin!

Photo credit: Roy Johannink / YouTube

A pair of baby twins recently went viral after their dad uploaded a video of their conversation in a ‘secret language’ that only the two of them could understand.

Of course, you might argue that babies do talk in babbles and coos that no adult could decipher but in the video, it was clear that the two were having some sort of conversation – and it’s really the most adorable thing you’ll see today.

Photo credit: Roy Johannink / YouTube

The video is so adorable, really, that it has been viewed nearly 20.5 million times on YouTube! These babies are really huge social media stars now.

Check out their adorable clip and try to see if you can decipher their secret language: